Through rearranging the pieces,
we find inner peace.

We provide therapy for ambitious women seeking guidance to gain perspective in their personal and professional life.

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Welcome to Piece by Peace,
Counseling & Consulting.

We understand that professional and personal obstacles are everyday occurrences that take place under seemingly stressful circumstances.

That's why here at Piece by Piece, we believe in the action of personal autonomy by providing quality sessions that focus on exploration, reorganization, and you.

Furthermore, self governance and self determination help us strengthen our core skills, find new ones and sort through the mess that life occasionally brings. We provide our clients with the space and mental models to piece together these elements.

We hope to help you flourish on your journey and see you excel.

Exclusively serving clients located in California.

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Our Values


Our philosophy

Our virtual practice strives to support the ambitious woman gain clarity. Our supportive therapists provide guidance to help you thrive.

Our licensed therapists take an integrative approach that focuses to help you become your best self. Our framework is client centered and also explores relational issues. Through guidance, you can begin to rearrange your life to experience fulfillment.

We understand the pressure and the stress that can break you down, and in those times, we are here to help you sort through the struggles to achieve inner peace.

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